Gardening tips: plant the peanut butter plant

Melianthus Major, the peanut butter plant

Melianthus Major, the peanut butter plant. Photograph: Getty Images

Plant this One of the weirder common names for Melianthus major is the peanut butter plant, so if you get one, give it a sniff. Other selling points of this architectural shrub for sunny, well-drained spots are its large, saw-toothed leaves. Although evergreen in its native South Africa, it may die back in winter – mulch it with bark and it should pop up in spring. Height and spread 2m x 2m.

Visit this The National Garden Scheme isn’t just about frothy cottage gardens in the countryside: this weekend you could visit a contemporary botanic garden at the University of Bristol or a five-acre garden at Wadham College in Oxford. See for details.

Clip this Fed up with trudging to the compost heap? Let your lawn grow long, or mow a ‘desire line’ (shortcut) or two. Or, get a mulching mower so the cuttings left in situ can enrich the grass. Clippings also make a useful mulch.